Rocksmith 2014
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Release date(s) October 2013
Rocksmith 2014 Edition includes over 50 new songs, new modes, new features, a completely redesigned interface, and much more.

By turning your TV or computer monitor into an amp, Rocksmith also simulates thousands of dollars worth of custom amp and pedal gear. It's a comprehensive guitar gear collection. Utilize your armada of tools with multiple tunings and master tons of techniques through interactive lessons to create your own unique sounds and riffs.

Features Edit

  • Session Mode: For the first time ever, you can jam with a virtual band that dynamically reacts to what you're playing.
  • Interface: The menus have been redesigned to be clearer, smoother, and blazing fast. The in-game interface has also been visually revamped to provide you with better feedback on your performance as you play.
  • Riff Repeater: Riff Repeater is now fully customizable on-the-fly, enabling you to select your section, difficulty level, and speed simultaneously. It's faster and easier than ever to nail that challenging riff.
  • Tracks: There are over 50 tracks all new to Rocksmith 2014 Edition including the biggest hits yet. It also allows songs from the previous Rocksmith to be downloaded onto RS 2014.
  • Mini-games: Guitarcade is back with new skill games aimed at perfecting dexterity, speed, and music knowledge in a unique and engaging way.
  • Master Mode: Once you master a song, you can practice playing songs entirely from memory in Master Mode. It's the ultimate achievement in Rocksmith when you're able to walk away and play your favorite song anywhere.

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