Song 2 is a 1997 song by Blur. It is an on-disc song in Rocksmith 1 and is playable in Rocksmith 2014 by importing. There are three arrangements available: Lead, Bonus Lead, and Bass. The lead arrangements are tuned standard, while Bass is tuned down a half step. It's one of the very easiest songs in Rocksmith.

Concepts Edit

Techniques Edit

Fret-hand muting is used in the lead arrangements, and there is a slide in the Bass.

Scales Edit

Song 2 utilizes notes from the F minor pentatonic scale (Played as F# minor pentatonic on Bass).

Chords Edit

The Lead arrangement contains two-note power chords and an octave interval.

Sections Edit

Main Riff Edit

This is a series of five power chords, played with some muted strums in between. In the Bonus Lead arrangement, single notes are played instead (the roots).

    1   &   2   &   3   &   4   &     1   &   2   &   3   &   4   & 

The bass version of this riff is played at the low E. It is played while the Lead parts play the chorus part.

    1   2   3   4     1   2   3   4  

Chorus Edit

The Lead plays Ab in octaves repeatedly. The Bonus Lead plays just the higher note.

    1     2     3     4

The Main Riff for the bass is played at this time, until towards the end when there is another bass line. The second time this is played, the last note is omitted from each of the first two measures.

    1   2   3   4     1   2   3   4     1   2   3   4     1   2   3   4  

Tones Edit

Clean Edit

Pre: Compression (Compression: 55, Attack: 30 ms, Release: 85 ms), 8-Band Graphic EQ (50hz: 0 db, 100hz: 0 db, 200hz: 0 db, 400hz: 0 db, 800hz: 0 db, 1.6khz: 1 db, 3.2khz: 2 db, 6.4khz: 1 db)

Amp: AMTX-22 (Gain: 39, Bass: 50, Mid: 65, Treble: 60)

Cabinet: TW-410C (Mic Position: Condenser Cone)

Distortion Edit

Pre: Germanium Drive (Gain: 80, Tone: 50), Custom Drive (Gain: 80, Tone 38, Voicing: UK), Compression (Compression: 43, Attack: 30 ms, Release 85 ms)

Amp: AMTW-22 (Gain: 55, Bass: 75, Mid: 65, Treble: 56)

Cabinet: TW-410C (Mic Position: Condenser Cone)

Rack: Studio Parametric EQ (Bass: 2.00 db, Bass Freq.: 120 hz, Low-Mid: 1.00 db, Low-Mid Freq.: 600 hz, Low-Mid "Q": Narrow, High-Mid: 0.00 db, High-Mid Freq.: 4.00 khz, High-Mid "Q": Wide, Treble: -2.00 db, Treble Freq.: 5.60 khz)

Bass Edit

Pre: MB Comp (Compression: 50, Recovery Speed: 40, Transition Band: 600 hz), Bass Overdrive (Gain: 50, Tone: 6), 8-Band Graphic EQ (50hz: 0 db, 100hz: 2 db, 200hz: 1 db, 400hz: -1 db, 800hz: 3 db, 1.6khz: 6 db, 3.2khz: 1 db, 6.4khz: 0 db)

Amp: HW-400B (Gain: 50, Bass: 5.00 db, Mid: 1.00 db, Treble: 2.00 db, High-Shift: Off, Low-Shift: On)

Cabinet: CA-1510BC (Mic Position: Dynamic Edge)

Rack: Studio Parametric EQ (Bass: 3.00 db, Bass Freq.: 75 hz, Low-Mid: 6.00 db, Low-Mid Freq.: 1600 hz, Low-Mid "Q": 3, High-Mid: 2.00 db, High-Mid Freq.: 3.00 khz, High-Mid "Q": Wide, Treble: -1.00 db, Treble Freq.: 9.00 khz)

Links Edit

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